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You decide what I do… kinda like that movie EDtv (sorta)

KEVtv – Get A Haircut…

Here’s the deal… this kid needs a haircut and you guys (and gals) are going to help me decide the final outcome.  (yes I know I’m crazy)

So here I am, blurry selfie and all:

See for many many moons my mom (and grandmother) have been asking me to “cut that hair“!  Well recently a stylist friend of my mom got a hold of some Keith Urban photos and put the bug in my mom’s ear that, that was the style that I should get and that she would love to do it.  Needless to say it wasn’t long before I got the news.

Well it just so happens that I was starting this blog and already had the idea of some sort of interactive section and it only seemed right to make this be my inaugural interactive post!  Eventually this will turn into a vlog section of this site… but for now you’re going to have to take this and like it!

Here’s how it works…I have put a poll at the bottom of this post.  Each picture is of a hairstyle that you could potentially choose for me get, the one with the most votes is what I’ll get in the end!

Now I know this sounds kinda nuts, but I’m hoping that I’ll actually get some constructive input as to what would make me look hotter than the love child of all of People Magazine’s two time sexiest man alive champions  Richard Gere, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp. (um yea… that one seemed a lot better on paper haha))

Ha I just noticed that they all had short hair…  well I do personally prefer long hair if you all really think a short do is where it’s at then I guess that’s my fate!

So what shall it be?   Here are the options. I am super curious as to what you will pick!


Oh yea… and pardon the crappy layout of this poll form, and slideshow…my (temporary) free web host didn’t like me messing with certain scripts, it would have taken me a while to make my own poll, and it was taking me way too long to fit this in here the way I wanted it to. I plan on taking some coding classes again as soon as I can as I really want to have fun customizing this site… but till then you’ll just have to deal with my hack-jobs haha!

What haricut should I get? You decide!

Ivy League Me Bro!

Maybe I should have put this one in as an option mwahahaha!!