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Take a load off with Maury Finkle, founder of Finkle Fixtures Biggest Lighting Fixture Chain in the Southland. :: pauses :: Do it… seriously, c’mon pour yourself a Johnny Red neat and we’ll blow em’ away!

Finkle on the Dinkle: He Was Always Numero Uno in My Book

Casey was a great entertainer… he really knew how to count ‘em down.  You gotta respect the man brought the music to the people the way he did.

N-n-no seriously, do it, c’mon lemme hear you show the man some respect.

I mean seriously, my wedding?  The DJ pretty much played though that weeks top 40….and man I gotta tell ya;  there’s nothing like Bread’s “Make it with you”, to get those hot chickens in the mood!

Watch this shot of the time I met him at my wife’s favorite restaurant….do it!

N-n-no, do it.  Seriously… do it! Press the play button it’ll Blow You Away!

C’mon, you gotta love it…and I can honestly say that as much as I know how you loved how he served up those # 1 hits over the years… You were totally blown away at how he served up those specials.  Am I right or what?  Simply amazing!  Blew my wife away I tell ya!

:: raises his glass of Johnny ::
Here’s a long distance dedication to you Casey
:: pauses ::

You’re amazing….N-n-no seriously I get you. The whole reach for the stars thing and that groovy theme music thing…Amazing!

Finkle on the Dinkle: The Bada-bing on the Bada-bang

Maury Finkle here… with a little dinkle on gun ownership laws. So it looks like they unveiled a new proposal in Massachusetts regarding gun sales and what not. This isn’t about that…seriously… well at least not specifically.

In corner 1 we’ve got the fine men and hot little chickadees in uniform serving under the general voted most likely to make you trade in your smoking jacket and Cubans for some carrots and exercise …The one…The only!….United States Surgeon General!

And in corner 2 we’ve got my pal Lil Jim’s/good ‘ole Jimmy Madison’s baby. The “We’re not cool enough cucumbers to make it into the US Constitution” premier Ten Ammendments… The Bill. Of. Rights!!

Alright, here’s the skinny. The Top Surgeon is paid to “Protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of the Nation”, while the second amendment guarantees us the Right to Bear Arms (hah the Finkle couldn’t resist). Where the conflict arises is that guns have been known to be unhealthy from time to time, and (assuming he doesn’t want to change the constitution) the Leonard McCoy of the US is trying to find a way to minimize those unhealthy aspects, all while letting us bear as many arms as our actual arms have the constitutional right to bear.

There are lots of divisive issues on the subject, like how the proposal in MA has a suitability clause that would allow people to be denied a license to carry a gun if deemed “unsuitable” by the license giver. (whatever that means) While at the same time lax regulations can make it crazier than one of them old west towns when it comes to buying a gun at a gun show. Among many other issues, we’ve got big gun lobbies on one side and occasionally an ex New York City mayor type on the other, throwing more money at this than James Cameron threw at Linda Hamilton after she found out that the Titanic wasn’t the only thing that went down on the set of the 100 million blockbuster.

Now, I don’t have to tell you, but people get more angry over this than that time my wife caught me flirting with that cute little thing that sold me my 911 Turbo last year. But get this, even with all that divisiveness, just about everyone as one thing in common….we don’t want to see people die from these things. Well don’t you go worrying your pretty little heads off cause Finkle has the solution. It’s all in good ole data mining and technology.

I don’t know about you, but a guy like me has to stay on top of the latest of technology trends, you gotta respect and embrace it, n-n-n-no I mean really respect it….feel it! What I’m saying is that if I was doing business in my stores with paper forms and receipts, I’d be more like “Maury Finkle, Founder of Finkle Fixtures the smallest lighting fixture chain in the Southland”. So I say take technology, throw as much relevant info at it as to what things have worked throughout history all over the world to make people healthier. You do that and you will know what to do before happy hour is over.

See we’ve dealt with this situation since bows and arrows my friends, there is enough information, and enough of that supercomputer power out there to figure out Exactly what will minimize all the negative things that come along with the Saturday Night Specials of the world. Sure one of those things might be to ban them all together…but one might be to legally require everyone to own one.

Here’s the down and dirty thing about it, what matters more than the “healthiest” solution, is the one that we’re willing to accept… and while I know that every computer model is different, and lobbies on both sides will be reporting to their hearts content, the information that can give us the answer is out there…we just have to find it.

So the next time you get all heated cause a bunch of innocent people met their maker at the end of a barrel, don’t go off on your high horse and talk down to people that think regulations at gun shows are fine, or start getting all riled up about giving people better access to more of these defense bearing pupppies. Start talking with them about taking steps forward to find the answer. Do it!

…till then I’m off enjoy my own Saturday Night Special… Johnny Red – Neat!

Finkle on the Dinkle: This Means War!

So, it’s time over here in The States to gather round our outdoor lighting fixtures, with our friends and celebrate those that have died while in this country’s armed forces.

I dig what they’ve done, seriously…I respect it.

Normally I’d elaborate more, you know and talk about different sides of an issue.  But this time I tell myself this:

“Maury.  Go ahead.  Grab the Johnny Red, salute the fallen, and just shut your stinkin’ trap!”


You all should too…


::does the Maury Finkle eyebrow raise::

…do it!