Originally Packaged Question: Would You Eat a Perfectly Wrapped Cheeseburger….


…if it were just sitting on the side of the road?

So thi guy Stu I know has a very , “if I’m hungry why wouldn’t I eat it” attitude.  He is the type of kid who (if hungry), would only see one problem with eating the unfinished plate of pancakes  at the now empty table nearby at his local Bickford’s…..”not knowing where it stops”

Meaning that he realizes that it’s a bold thing to do, but what is stopping him from just grabbing a steak off of some guys plate as he walks by.  I mean, aside from the person potentially getting upset enough to smack him around, (which I’m doubting would be a common response)  what would anyone really do about it?

So a few years back he was on tour with my friend Will.  Things were tough, they were sleeping in the limo (yes Will bought a limo for the tour), and they pretty much had no money.  The tour was a book it as you go kind of thing that coincided with the Warp Tour.  They kew a band on the tour and were able to get in to any show.  The idea was to just sell cd’s, play whenever they could, and if they got lucky maybe even play a date or three on the tour.

Well the legend has it, that one day they were broke as all hell, hot, and hungry and at some point during the day while they were out and about Stu sees this perfectly wrapped cheeseburger, and without a thought just ate the damn thing.

What would you do?

3 thoughts on “Originally Packaged Question: Would You Eat a Perfectly Wrapped Cheeseburger….”

  1. Personally I think I would eat it. I mean, beggars can’t be choosers, and if you’re hungry and have no other options as long as there aren’t any insects on it you not only get a meal, but with the way things work probably saved a tree in the rain forest or something ha

  2. If I saw someone throw it there or saw where it came from …maybe lol. If I didn’t have the information of how it got there and how long it’s been there? Then definitely not :-p

    1. Yea…I guess… I mean while “perfectly wrapped”, there’s a small chance that someone licked it, or a dog peed on it earlier. :: pauses :: but that one is an Entirely different question… which will Definitely will Not be asking! haha

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