Finkle on the Dinkle: He Was Always Numero Uno in My Book

Casey was a great entertainer… he really knew how to count ‘em down.  You gotta respect the man brought the music to the people the way he did.

N-n-no seriously, do it, c’mon lemme hear you show the man some respect.

I mean seriously, my wedding?  The DJ pretty much played though that weeks top 40….and man I gotta tell ya;  there’s nothing like Bread’s “Make it with you”, to get those hot chickens in the mood!

Watch this shot of the time I met him at my wife’s favorite restaurant….do it!

N-n-no, do it.  Seriously… do it! Press the play button it’ll Blow You Away!

C’mon, you gotta love it…and I can honestly say that as much as I know how you loved how he served up those # 1 hits over the years… You were totally blown away at how he served up those specials.  Am I right or what?  Simply amazing!  Blew my wife away I tell ya!

:: raises his glass of Johnny ::
Here’s a long distance dedication to you Casey
:: pauses ::

You’re amazing….N-n-no seriously I get you. The whole reach for the stars thing and that groovy theme music thing…Amazing!

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