2 More Than Averagely Awkward Moments in Cover Song History

1. Easy – Faith no More: The moment when Mike Patton made some strange ewww sound…

I’m not quite sure what to think about this one…did he really just “drop a deuce” on the audience?… cause there, right before the solo starts good ole MP just busts out a big ‘ole nasty, right out of an Ernest Movie, “ewww”  was he just disgusted that he had to sing as wussy as he did in this one?  That The Commodores actually broke up in the first place?  Maybe it was that he wished he got stuck with better looking crossdressers in his video… oh wait?  Did I just see Dee Snyder in there?

Whatever it is, does anyone else find it odd that when he sings it that he looks like he’s actually taking a crap on the audience?  Oh GG Allin would be rolling around in his grave if he ever saw this one!

If you don’t want to watch the whole video click here for this pretty much cued up More Than Averagely Awkward Moment… although I will say that this cover is pretty fantastic and worth the listen!

2. Johh Hiatt and Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend: John makes it obvious that he really has no clue as to what he is singing

Ever have that moment when you’re talking at a show and all of the sudden you sound like the biggest idiot cause the music stopped and whatever you were saying was obviously taken out of context (NSFW).

Well this was John Hiatt’s (and Matthew Sweet’s) moment when they were “covering” Sweet’s “Girlfriend” as a duet.  Just like on the record the tempo slows for the last vocalization of the song’s title word.  Hiatt tries to slow down, but only after it is awkwardly too late…. he’s left hanging on a prime-time mid 90′s VH1 special, and Matthew was left to share a laugh between he and his drummer at John’s expense.

The whole song is below, but to go right to the scene of this More Than Averagely Awkward Moment just click here

So What More than Averagely Awkward Moments in Cover Song History make your list?  Any Ideas of other bastard lists like this one?  If you do just put them in the comments!

Thanks for checking this out enjoy…you guys Rock!

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